This is the most fun summer sounding beach style fun type tiki torchlight luau dance and good times band I've ever seen.” - Tina Peale

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What is instrumental Surf, Spy and and Spaghetti? and What the heck is a Twang Bar? I will answer the easy one first. "Twang Bar" is not a place or drinking facility. It is not like "tiki bar". A "Twang Bar" is synonymous with a "whammy bar" or a vibrato or tremolo. It is a part of an electric guitars bridge system. When used, it de-tunes or it can also raise the pitch of all strings (equally) producing a unique pitch bending sound and even similar to the bending sound of songs using the Hawaiian (steel) guitar (also know as pedal steel). the bending sound is applied "tastefully" with liberty and in the instrumental forms of music which we play. As musicians, we choose sound producing instruments to "communicate" in a universal language. The art of music communication is tho engage the listeners and assist them in feeling emotions, attitudes, adventurous spirit, thrill, suspense, and in many cases - the indescribable. If you don't believe me or understand what I am trying to say (in english), just listen to your favorite movies without the picture. That soundtrack describes the moods of the film (even without words or picture) and carries the attention and interest of the listeners. If you listened to a sound track album (CD), passages would flash your memory to exactly that moment you remember from that film. In this "instrumental" combo, we have chosen this non-linguistic communication to portray feelings of: bright sunny days, warm ocean breezes, riding thrilling waves, mystery, danger, and good times. In general; danceable feel good music. The three genres typify three directions - in our case three artistic palates in which to work. "Surf" is a product of the invention of the instrument know as the electric guitar and its amplifier and also the accessories which go with them. At large, these new sounds in instrument design begat "surf" from the willing souls of serious jazz guitar and melodic guitar studies. the end result were literally hundreds of combinations of tune-smiths collaborating in a new direction of rock and roll being presented mostly on the west coast of the U.S.A. at beach parties, dances and resorts. It is a product of the culture pre-emanate in post war times when the Americans interest in Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures, the re-invention/discovery of the surf board and the new development of the fairly recent invention of the electric guitar and its amplifier collided. Today this sub-culture still thrives with or without media attention in the sounds of the surf music bands, riding of surf boards or of the "tiki" culture. This sub-culture is now world wide because of world wide web (the net). "Spy" music is another post world war II product. It is instrumental but not solely relying on guitar as the feature instrument but this music is easily adapted to guitar, bass and drums. It is a product of 1960's cold war spy film making. Most influential was the intriguing guitar sound in the theme for James Bond. the mid to late 1960's were heavy laden with "spy" films and spoofs of spy films and also intriguing adventure soundtracks. When the sounds of surf and spy marry up you get things like "Hawaii 5-0".” - Justin Case

— The Tin Bullet

[color=#444444][color=indigo][size=0][size=18][b]A surf report on the Cincinnati Surf Rock Explosion 3 show: 2 May[/size] 2[/color]009[/b][/size][/color] When one approaches the Southgate House, the venue for this event, the first thing they realize as they prepare to climb the 50 or so stairs to get to the front door, is white beach sand on the first landing. At the top is a couple of 3 pineapple welcome mats to shake off the sand and enter. We did not get to dress up the main hallway much this time. (we did on the first explosion) Once inside it is time to descend to the main ballroom which, with balcony, holds about 600 (fire code).javascript:emoticon('8O') We suspect that about 250 people came to see this event though PAID admission was about half that. Once again, getting the public to respond to such a wonderful event is the most difficult task needing to be over come. javascript:emoticon(':?:') Talent this evening: [list=]the Maladroits, Don't Fear the Reverb, the Volcanoes, Roger and the Wraybands[/list] The performances were wonderful. They were recorded by two recording units in digital. Soundburst Studios with Greg Cole and EYE RECORDS with Kurtis Heinrich at the helm both reported a good signal feed for the most part and the groups will have a mix of their performance sometime in the near future. The stage production furnished by Monitor Music Central Productions consisted of a 15 foot black drape backdrop with a twelve foot aluminum ring with "firepots" on the outer part of the ring made a pretty good overall LOOK and 2 LED color panels which were DMXed together for an identical color change were accompanied by a MARTIN Mania DC2 which was used to splash "fire" effects onto a 12' spandex screen which was stretched onto the aluminum hoop. Other stage props included 2 side wing batik banners which sported surf board looking kites and several tiki head masks on poles which were place on the downstage portion of the deck. There were banners for WAIF 88.3 the ROCKIN' and SURFIN' SHOW of which the radio station that sponsored the event in tribute to the great DJ Rockin' Robert Hutchinson who had passed on last Christmas time posted to keep the 27 plus year performance of surf music well promoted in the area. They are streaming again the Midwest Surf Guy tells me. Don't Fear the Reverb also hung banners with their web site address on them as well as a small surfboard sign with the band name painted on it. During the Volcanos set, HUGE Monster heads the were used to promote the event in the poster were made by Volcano Creepy Rick - they were added to the stage during the VOLCANOS' set and really made a great presentation. Special it was. House sound was run by Sean Norton and was excellent. Monitors and front end were EAW. Most microphones that were used were furnished by EYE REMOTE RECORDING. [list] Electrovoice CS 15 on the snare, pair of AKG C -414 B - XL II for drum overhead. Bass ran direct. Shure KSM 27 on guitar anp, Shure KSM 27 on guitar amp, C3000 AKG was also used [/list] Beth Schott of Kokopelli Stages [url][/url] was instrumental in decorating the dressing green room for the bands. A little tiki fountain, a metal sign of the ENDLESS SUMMER, a Rat Fink bobble head, a metal sign tiki god says: fear no surf, an autographed photo of the Ventures plus other nice theme items graced the dingy but accessible room. Outside the green room was guarded by the merchandise booth. A large tie dyed sheet hung to cover the otherwise dungeon wall. On wall were signs and posters of the two other Cincinnati Surf Rock Explosions and hanging on a nail a t-shirt on a hanger among other things like several metal hot rod signs that really looked pretty cool. On the counter for sale, which was graced by 7 moai heads wearing leis, were CD.s from other area surf bands and LPs by the Volcanos (Beth later told me that if the Volcanos would have brought it, she would have been able to sell everything they had. People were eager to take the memories of the evening home with them) There were also CDs from area bands not on the show, not all of them surf but having some involvement with the scene. That is the Kokopelli open door policy, to want to sell the merchandise from other area surf and rock bands. Continental magazines, T-shirts from Don't Fear the Reverb and other groups, surf board necklaces, DFR medallions and eye records and waif rockin and surfin path tags. sex wax and sex wax stickers, stickers from DFR and other cool but inexpensive stuff including DFR beach bags were available for sale. It just looked good. Also, throughout the main ballroom were grass skirted balcony support poles. The merchandising arm of Roger and the Wraybands was present with their own team of beautiful entourage, I suspect they did well as it seemed they had plenty of stickers, band photos (in color this time) and a new CD packaged like a mini LP. Shirts too. On the balcony was the Eiki projector furnished by Clay Wagonlander and that 4K projector is one that is used at RiverBend (Cincinnati's outdoor concert shed) - plenty bright and it cut through the other lighting images well. A follow spot was also provided but not used. Two or more DV cameras were cranking all the time. The concert event started on time and out of the gate was a smooth transition of tunes performed by the Maladroits, seasoned purveyors of the surf sound in Cincinnati. Song after song flowed right after another with not useless banter but sprinkled with several bits of wit and wisdom managed by Brice Rhude of the Maladroits. A very professional set wonderfully executed. Very clean. Except for the dirty sounding Link Wray memorial barbecue. Don't Fear the Reverb performed better than ever. They presented a collection of new compositions, old standards and some little heard compositions from even lesser known (but great) surf ensembles. The set went on a little long but it was well appreciated by the audience. Lots of hoots and hollers from the participants. People are still amazed at Sonny's drumming. Don Schott suffered from "the claw", a little bit of dehydration which caused a momentary cramp in both left an right hands which he still managed to get out his part (without screaming in pain). That set ended a little rough but these were the newbies in the group so with a little more experience they should prove to be a new sound that will excite many more new surf fans. They are soon going into the studios to record their first CD. The VOLCANOS !!! need I say more. Those familiar with their sound KNOW. Very professional and unique and original. Dressed in their pit stop jump suits and labeled profusely with the appropriate emblems (including FENDER) You just had to BE THERE to enjoy it. Highly energetic and "moves well on stage" these guys are top notch. If only people could have bought more of their LPs. They are kind of missing a trick by NOT coming with enough supplies. They brought with them a set of stage props that matched identically with the poster that Creepy Rick designed for the show. (see above the Midwest Surf Guy) Bill Bowen wowed everybody with some killer drumming. Fantastic group. It is always hard to tell who is at the top of the bill in surf music. Though the crowd seems to wane as the evening presses on passed midnight, Roger and the Wraybands held the crowd and proved once again that they are at the top of the league. Clean, expertly executed mix of 4th , 3rd, 2nd and first wave including some originals. Love this band. Not a moment waisted here either - seamless selection of tunes with a well plotted script of front man crowd interaction from the Roger Underwood - some shtik never gets old. a perfect and entertaining performance. Shawn Mathy's powerhouse drumming amazed everyone and TIGHT performances on every tune. They even had a new bass player: Darrel Masterson. All made for a very impressive and entertaining wonderful evening on a very beautiful day. Summer started here. [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] soon to have photos Event produced by: Midwest Surf Guy of ROCKIN' AND SURFIN' SHOW - WAIF 88.3 AND Don AND Beth Schott of KOKOPELLI STAGES DOT COM tell me if forgot something - more on audience response later[color=darkred][/color] :arrow:[code] [img] [/img]π” - FRETLESS