We Played in the Norhside Parade

I don't know why it is so hard to keep up with the website stuff. so much work went into playing in this parade that it probably skipped my immagination to write about it before it happened BUT I do belive we will perform in the parade again on JULY 4th of 2008. We had a BLAST as well as all who saw us. We were joined by the Beach Party Gang of Taylor Jameson' Hair Design and TOGETHER we won an AWARD for Excellence in the parade. I am finally posting photos of the AWARD. We now OWN our trailer/ portable stage. Ralph has a generator that is very quiet and WE CAN PLAY ANYWHERE !!! literally (well we don't have a floating stage yet - reminds me of that one in the Simpson's) We are intending on customizing the portable stage to be even more nifty in 2008.

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